Welcome to the Enactus Netherlands National Exposition

We are excited for you to join us for this years Enactus Netherlands National Exposition, which will celebrate progress and impact. Get inspired by our NextGen leaders who aim to create a better, more sustainable world.

Prepare to experience Passion on Purpose.

Our 72,000 Global NextGen Leaders are passionate about making the oceans healthier, spoken word, circular economies, playing instruments, plant-based food, and much more. Plus, thousands of projects that bring greater economic inclusion to their communities. At our Enactus National Exposition on the 4th of June and the Enactus World Cup 2021, experience NextGen Leaders and powerful thought leaders sharing stories of impact, talents and connecting to the intention of our passions—Passion on Purpose.

We’re not passionate just because. We’re passionate on purpose.

If you're a student: please go to 'Enter' to participate in the National Exposition.

If you're a judge or would like to vote for you favorite project, please be patient as more information will follow soon!

Top Entries

Innovation Cup

ATS Pitch Enactus Nationals 2021

Kiki Vos, Genaud Hermsen, Margot Daneels, Rahima Moula, Thymen Hinssen A Total Story

BeeFresh Maastricht 2021

Isabel Dilling, Hannah Heitmüller, Liva Hiort, Felix Mischke, Sven Kurschildgen, Louis Dominitz BeeFresh

bRace for impact

Alesia Frangu, Ashkan Abdullahi Nami, Danielle Ehizibue, Weeko Meyer, Rahadian Rukmana, Gayathri Saralaya, Saket Pradhan Race Like Her

Breaking down social norms

Ines Roßteuscher, Luna Montez, Nancy Tabash Path Ahead

Candles with no waste

Helene Tuhte, Helen Heseding, Maé Six, Antoine Madelon, Ivan Markov Innovation Team - CoffeeWaste

Cigabuttie ~ Give us your butts, Save the planet

Chinenye Oguejiofor, Simona Gumenkevaite, Stefan Wirts and Bjorn Balliu Cigabuttie

Growth Cup

National Exposition 2021

Anna Huysinga, Marieke Hoes, Mirjam Hoekstra, Ruth Ruskamp, Timen, Veerle van Citters Selfles

Bag on Track

Aniek Antvelink, Caecilia Kaagman, Aruna Tung, Mia Percy, Leonie Wechsler Bag on Track

BeeGrateful - Streetlight Bee&Bee

Stefano Parenti, Denise den Otter, Emelyne Gaudichau, Lisa Beckers, Zoe van Helviort, Sydney Delissen, Florence van Haastrecht BeeGrateful

Bennie: from banner to backpack

Ruda van Ravensteijn, Djoeke Beerda, Loes de Groen, Caro Kreysel, Ezra Dirks Bennie

Boerenbox, a locally sourced meal kit

We are Sander Pieloor, Ires van Hout, Lotte van der Veen, Sander Bosma and Maaike van Suijdam. Together we are Boerenbox. Boerenbox

Bordspel Klimaatjes Pitch

Josine Leeuwdrent, Bram van Duinen, Daan Hendriks, Timo van Veghel, Leroy Kempers, Nienke Mijnlieff Bordspel Klimaatjes

About Enactus

Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning platform

dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. A network of global business, academic and student leaders unified by a vision to create a better, more sustainable world, the organization also provides a platform for NextGen Leaders to develop leadership skills while working with leading companies worldwide.  

In 2019, Enactus projects impacted 2.9 million lives, helped launch 3,000 small businesses, and eliminated 5.9 million tons of CO2, plus 819,699 women gained new skills to advance economic equality.